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Saint Peter United Church of Christ takes pride in our community and our events. 

All are open to everyone! 

In memoriam

It is with great sorrow that we announce that Pastor Jean left us for her eternal home on March 13.  While Pastor Jean was with us for only a little more than a year, she made an indelible impression on our lives.  Called to the ministry as a second career, she saw her ordination as perhaps her greatest lifetime achievement, which we were privileged to share with her in the all-too-short time we spent together. 

May our pastor and friend rest in peace. 



Role-Playing Performances, Audience Participation

Highlight Lent, Holy Week and Easter Sunday Services




Pastor Peter Detterline and the Reverend Ann Few will lead a series of services featuring role-playing performances throughout the first five Sundays in Lent, leading into Holy Week with special audience participation services on Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Easter.

       The role-playing performances are intended to humanize and personalize the story of the Passion of Christ and the Resurrection, according to Pastor Detterline.  “Our goal is to bring these characters to life in a way that’s both entertaining and relatable, both for our congregation and for people in the community seeking to reconnect with their faith.  We want to give people the opportunity to experience what it was like to be there and to witness these events.”

Pastor Peter Detterline            Reverend Ann Few


Saint (Simon) Peter Profiled March 1

Each week pastors will portray a different character, including Simon Peter (March 1), Caiaphas (March 6), Judas Iscariot (March 15), Pontius Pilate (March 22), and Mary the Mother of Jesus (March 29).  Pastor Detterline will portray the male characters, while the Reverend Ann Few will portray Mary.

       There will be an audience participation service on Palm Sunday, April 5.  A reenactment of the Last Supper is planned for Holy Thursday, with participants sharing a simple meal and breaking bread together at a common table in Holy Communion.

       Easter Sunday will begin with an 8:00 a.m. outdoor bonfire service where participants will be encouraged to write their concerns and challenges on paper and toss them into the fire in the spirit of the Resurrection and new beginnings.  Breakfast follows at 9:00 a.m., with a traditional Easter service at 10:30 a.m.


Pastor Jean DeLong Custer


Series Dedicated to Pastor Jean

The “Faces by the Cross” series is dedicated to Pastor Jean DeLong Custer “as expression of our love and appreciation for her stewardship,” according to Consistory President Jim Ottinger. Pastor Jean resigned recently due to a serious illness. “We miss her greatly.  Our hearts weep.  And we know she wants us to continue the creative ministry she began.” 


‘Faces by the Cross’

Lent/Holy Week Schedule


Note: Series suspended on March 15 due to coronavirus epidemic


Sunday March 1 (Holy Communion)

Pastor Peter Detterline

Simon Peter (Saint Peter)

He was a fisherman, and his original name was Simeon or Simon.  From the moment Peter met Jesus, he knew he was the Messiah.  Likewise, from the moment Jesus met Peter, he knew he would be the rock of the Church.  The Gospels and Acts portray Peter as the most prominent apostle, though he denied Jesus three times during the events of the crucifixion. Peter is recognized by the Roman Catholic Church as the first of its unbroken succession of popes.


Sunday, March 8

Pastor Peter Detterline


Joseph ben Caiaphas, known simply as Caiaphas, was the son-in-law of Annas, the former high priest, which may have accounted for his own rise to power.  He was the Jewish high priest between 18 and 37 CE. Caiaphas is best known for his role in organizing a plot to kill Jesus, and famously presiding over the Sanhedrin trial. 


Sunday, March 15

Pastor Peter Detterline

Judas Iscariot

Judas Iscariot His name means “God is Praised” and is one of the original twelve disciples. Interestingly, he is the only disciple whom the Bible identifies by his town of origin. Some scholars have linked his surname “Iscariot,” to Kerioth, a town located south of Jerusalem.  For thirty pieces of silver, He betrayed Jesus to the Sanhedrin in the Garden of Gethsemane by kissing him and addressing him as "rabbi" to reveal his identity to the crowd who had come to arrest him.  


Sunday, March 22

Pastor Peter Detterline

Pontius Pilate

Pontius Pilate served as the fifth procurator of Judaea from 26 to 36 A.D.  Little is known of him other than what is found in the New Testament.  He declared that Jesus thought himself King of the Jews, convicted him of treason, and had him crucified.

Sunday, March 29

Reverend Ann Few

Mary the Mother of Jesus

Mary the Mother of Jesus is also known as Saint Mary or the Virgin Mary.  She was born in a poor family, and little is known from biblical references, which are too sparse to construct a coherent biography. 

The account of her humility, and obedience to the message of God have made her a model for all ages of Christians. As Jesus grew, and events pointed to his unique identity, his mother silently pondered and treasured up all these things in her heart.


Palm Sunday, April 5 (Holy Communion)

Pastor Peter Detterline

‘Everyone Loves a Parade’ 

Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, an event mentioned in each of the four Gospels.   It’s celebrated by the blessing and distribution of palm branches, representing the palm branches the crowd scattered in front of Christ as he rode into Jerusalem.  Our service will include readings by members of the congregation, with all in attendance playing the role of the welcoming crowds.

Maundy Thursday, April 9 (Holy Communion)

Pastor Peter Detterline

Breaking Bread Together

The Last Supper is the final meal that, in the Gospel accounts, Jesus shared with his apostles in Jerusalem before his betrayal in the Garden of Gethsemane and ultimate crucifixion – commemorated on Maundy Thursday.  The Last Supper provides the scriptural basis for Holy Communion.  Our service will begin at 7:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary and adjourn to the fellowship hall, where all will share in a symbolic meal, followed by a recreation of the events leading to Jesus’ crucifixion and Holy Communion.


Easter Sunday, April 12

8:00 a.m. Bonfire Service

9:00 a.m. Breakfast in Fellowship Hall

10:30 a.m. Traditional Service in Sanctuary

Pastor Peter Detterline

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

We’ll begin our Easter festivities by celebrating Christ’s Resurrection with a bonfire service celebrating redemption and renewal.  Participants will be encouraged to write their concerns and challenges on paper and toss them into the fire in the spirit of the Resurrection and new beginnings.  Breakfast in the Fellowship Hall follows at 9:00 a.m. (optional donations appreciated!), with a traditional Easter service in the Sanctuary at 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, April 19

Pastor Peter Detterline

Doubting Thomas

The “Faces at the Cross” series concludes with a portrayal of the Apostle Thomas.  Thomas, also called Didymus, is commonly known as "Doubting Thomas" because he doubted Jesus' resurrection when first told of it.  Later, he confessed his faith on seeing Jesus' crucifixion wounds.  He was the first missionary to India, where he founded the Church of the Syrian Malabar Christians. Thomas proclaimed that the Kingdom of God is already present for those who understand and follow the message of Jesus.




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