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The Cemetery at St. Peter UCC was in use before the church was built.  A headstone in the cemetery notes a burial date of 1794. 

Burials are even believed to have taken place at the site before then.


The cemetery contains about two acres of ground, enclosed with a substantial stone wall.  In it rest the remains of many who, we have no doubt, helped erect this church building, and who, while in the flesh, delighted to worship in this sanctuary.  We copied a few inscriptions from the tombstones, some of which indicate that it was a place of burial before the present building was erected.


John Nice, son of George and Elizabeth Nice; born February 20, 1750; died October 28, 1826.


Magdaline, wife of John Nice and daughter of Rev. Philip Leidig; born October 14, 1750; died January 28, 1846.


Gabriel Shuler; born June 25, 1747; died December 30, 1812.


James Everhart; born February 24, 1789; died December 26, 1863.


Mary Magdaline Everhart; born June 9, 1797; died March 12, 1869.


John Knauer; born December 12, 1778; died July 28, 1845.


Henry Hitheny; born December 17, 1743; died December 17, 1812.


John Amole; died of wounds received at battle of Antietam, November 3, 1862, aged 22 years, 16 days.


Daniel Murphy; died at Camp hospital near Stafford Court House, Va., February 9, 1863, aged 26 years, 1 day.


St. Peter’s has been remembered with several legacies by those who, during their lives, loved the church, and now their good deeds do follow them. 

Burial plots are currently available to members of St. Peter UCC and to non-members, for interment of deed holders and designated family members, according to the following schedule:

  • Single Grave Plots, pricing available upon request

  • Two Grave Plots, pricing available upon request

  • Four Grave Plots, pricing available upon request

To contact the cemetery committee, please email:

Get your spot now.  People are dying to get in here!

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